A town divided: alcohol propositions on ballot for Eastland County

Residents split over alcohol propositions in Eastland County

EASTLAND COUNTY - In parts of Eastland County, two alcohol propositions are on the ballot.

The town of Cisco is divided on these two controversial propositions. One would allow the legal sale of mixed beverages in restaurants. The other would allow for the sale of beer and wine for off-premise consumption. Everyone in the town has something to say about it.

Some say it would help the local economy, while others say it would cause problems that would override any financial benefits.

"We have a lot of citizens that do drink. Not to excess but that do go to other towns to buy what they want," said convenience store manager Judy Jones, who doesn't drink. She believes passing the propositions would be beneficial to local businesses, including hers.

"He may be in trouble for buying a six pack so he'll buy his wife a piece of jewelry," said Jones.

Many people are arguing that the tax revenue from alcohol sales could help the city. People would spend their money in town instead of driving to Putnam where alcohol is sold. Others say it's just not worth it.

"The more that's it's available, the more people are going to abuse it," said Bruce Stovall, Treasurer of The Keep Cisco Dry organization, is urging people to vote against the propositions in an effort to keep the community safe.
"You can't put a dollar sign on someone's life, marriage, children-I don't care what the dollars are," said Stovall.

Eastland County Commissioners have announced that the November 6 election is countywide, meaning people can vote in any precinct.

So far, more than 1,700 people have cast early ballots.

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