ABILENE, Texas -

An Abilene man was indicted Thursday for allegedly being involved in a criminal street gang.

Scott Weinstein, 31, was arrested in May. According to court records, he was being questioned regarding several crimes and police learned of a text message in which Weinstein had claimed to be part of a gang called the Aryan Circle.

Weinstein allegedly admitted to police he was a captain for “District 6” of the criminal street gang. He allegedly told police he was recruited to be a hit man and was also in charge of recruiting others.

Police said he knew the gang’s command structure and said its main purpose is to make money. He allegedly also gave details about the gang’s criminal activities -- which include murder and conspiracy to commit murder. According to court records, at Texas Ranger confirmed the details Weinstein provided about several homicides were accurate.

A Taylor County grand jury indicted Weinstein for the charge known as “direct activities of a street gang” Thursday.