Abilene mother fears daughter, 12, victim of human trafficking

Police investigate human trafficking...

ABILENE, Texas - A search warrant filed by the Abilene Police Department details an Abilene mother’s fear that her 12-year-old daughter fell victim to human trafficking.

The mother told police she overheard her daughter telling her siblings she “was given drugs and was forced to have sex with men while in Dallas.”

The girl’s mother initially contacted police on May 31, documents show.

Homeland Security in San Angelo received information about the girl from Traffick911, a Texas organization that works to free youth from sex trafficking, and contacted her mother.

Traffick911 provided Abilene police with three Facebook accounts on July 7. The accounts all belonged to the same user and contained several photographs of the girl “posing in a seductive manner, and some of her and other women in minimal clothing.”

The search warrant also said “many of her Facebook friends appear to be adult men.”

On July 15, the girl’s grandmother’s cell phone was confiscated by police and searched.

Abilene police believe the girl used her grandmother’s phone to communicate via Facebook Instant Messenger and Facebook with several of her “older friends” who may also be involved.

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