ABILENE, Texas -

Nationally, housing prices in the last couple months made their biggest jump in nearly seven years.

The Dallas area has make it back to peak housing prices of almost five years ago.

While interest rates are still at historical lows, they are not expected to go back down but housing prices are expected to go up. The average price for a home in Abilene, is $144,800.

Real estate expert Dave Dalzell said, "The whole economy  is recovering and stronger across the nation. Home prices are apart of that recovery. In fact in many areas they are the leading indicator of that recovery."

Abilene is also experiencing the rise. However, not as deep a shift as Dallas. As a smaller, rural town the trends are more stable.

"Family income is more stable than it has been over the last half decade," Dalzell said. "I think they see job opportunities in the area. I think they see employment opportunities for increased salaries and increased income."

An additional factor for rising home prices are people returning to this area.

"We see a lot of Dyess personnel who come back to live here after they leave the service," Dalzell said. "They like the environment. You see a lot of college graduates from our universities and our colleges and our technical schools come back to establish things.

For those hoping home prices may fall again before they buy Dalzell said, that doesn't appear to be the trend.

"There's no better time looking ahead than there is right now, to make that home purchase," Dalzell said.

In Abilene over 40 percent of homes listed sold within 30 days and two-thirds sold within within 60 days. Housing sales volume is up 21 percent over the last 30 days from one year ago.

The number of homes on the market in Abilene has shrunk from its peak by 15-20 percent, which means there are fewer homes for sale.