ABILENE, Texas -

Starting Saturday March 8, Abilene State Park will host a special film series on water resources.

Below is a press release sent from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department:

Abilene State Park is hosting a screening of Texas: The State of Water Series, an award-winning series of water resource documentaries produced by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Viewing will be at Abilene State Park, at 6:45pm each night, March 8th-15th, 2014. No Charge with valid entrance permit. Entrance fee into park is $5 per adult 12 and under free.

Texas State of Water Vol. 1 (3/8, 3/13), Texas State of Water-Finding a Balance Vol. 2 (3/9, 3/14), Texas the State of Springs Vol. 3 (3/10, 3/15), Texas the State of Flowing Water Vol. 4 (3/11), The State of the Gulf: America’s Sea Vol. 5 (3/12)

The State of Water series tells the story of water in Texas, one of the most critical issues facing Texas today. The series chronicles the diverse water issues and threats facing our water resources and what people can do to protect this precious resource. Each documentary features stunning images of Texas water resources such as rivers, springs, bays, and estuaries plus interviews with a wide array of experts, stakeholders and policy makers.

Water is a vital natural resource for healthy people, our economy, and ecosystems. People utilize water for drinking, commercial, agricultural and recreational purposes. However, especially during times of drought, water supplies can be stretched given the competing interest for the limited supply. In addition to the critical need of water for human consumption, water is also needed for fish, wildlife, and their associated habitats. As the demand for water by people increases, the water available for wildlife decreases. A reduction in the amount of water available to fish and wildlife will affect the resiliency of the natural flora and fauna that characterize Texas.

A companion website, Texas The State of Water (www.texasthestateofwater.org), features links to additional information about the documentaries and related information.