2014's first full Supermoon dazzles Big Country residents Saturday night

ABILENE, Texas - Clear skies, breezy winds, and mild temperatures will make for perfect viewing of 2014's first full Supermoon.

A Supermoon occurs when the moon is at, or near, its closest approach to Earth.

This causes the moon to appear bigger and magnificently bright.

2014 has actually already seen two Supermoons in January, but you probably missed them because they were New Moons.

The July 12 Supermoon will be the first visible one since last year.

This one is special because it's the first of three, back-to-back Supermoons.

The next one, on August 10, will be the closest Supermoon of the year. After that, look for one more Supermoon on September 9. 

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