2nd Annual Abilene Beer Summit gives people a unique taste

ABILENE, Texas - Abilene said goodbye to summer with a splash. A splash of beer to be exact.

The Second Annual Abilene Beer Summit wrapped up at Frontier Texas! on Saturday afternoon. The museum grounds were transformed into a festival for beer lovers.

Oskar Blues Brewery representative Brent Hodgson came from Colorado to give folks a taste of craft beer.

"Beer is life and when you have a project that so much passion goes into to make and so much passion goes into, to enjoy it and your surrounded with people with a like mind, its really empowering," Hodgson said.

The summit involved more than people taking afternoon sips of brew. The gathering was also educational.

"We're talking about beer that is made without using things like corn and rice, that we feel weakens beer, dilutes beer and it's not an actual representation if what real beer should be," Hodgson said.

"There are some chocolate beers and some fruit beers that go great with vanilla ice cream," Beer distributor Mike Webber said. "You could pour it right on top of that ice cream. It will make a true root beer float."

With every taste, a portion of the money went to help children who have been abused. New Horizons non-profit partnered with the summit to raise money for the kids.

"You're doing a whole lot more than just sampling beer and learning about new beers," New Horizons associate Hannah Wiginton said. "You're helping kids in the Abilene community and it really makes a difference."  

People got 10 tastings with their entry into the beer summit. Part of the education on beer was to show that there's more to it than just its flavor. 

"The aluminum itself being lighter is actually cheaper to ship," Hodgson said. "We use less gas from Colorado to Texas to ship it here then say a case of bottles."

The summit featured 120 choices of beer and 32 different distributors.

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