40+ citations written for high grass during Abilene's Zero-Tolerance Week

ABILENE, Texas - The city of Abilene's Zero-Tolerance Week for high grass and weeds has ended, and the city issued more than 40 citations.

According to the city, 525 inspections were made on properties with high grass last week.

Of that, 91 percent were successfully resolved by owners taking care of the problem. Forty-five citations were written for properties that weren't taken care of and the owners were fined $500.

The city will continue to monitor properties through the summer.

Any grass between 12 inches and four feet will still be considered out of compliance and the owner of the property will have 10 days to cut it.

If it is left unattended, the city will cut it and fine the owner $500.

Grass over four feet tall will automatically be cut at a charge of $500.

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