5,000 new seats being purchased for Taylor County Expo Center Coliseum

Taylor County Expo Center to get new seating

ABILENE, Texas - The Taylor County Expo Center Coliseum is getting a makeover.

County commissioners have approved a quote to get all the coliseum's seats replaced.

The project will cost about $500,000.

The approximately 5,000 seats in the coliseum have been in the coliseum since the building was built in 1969.

In addition to the seat replacement, each of the seats will be one color – blue.

"A lot of seats are cracking, either in the seating area or the backs are cracking and the manufacturers of these seats are no longer in business, so for us to get replacement parts has become quite a chore," Rochelle Johnson said.

Taylor County Purchasing Agent Richard Greenawalt said the cost is justified.

"These seats that we're going to put in there will last another 45 years," Greenawalt said. "If anything happens and we need extra parts 10, 15 years down the road, we'll be able to get them because the molds will still be available – and they'll be able to go and manufacture whatever we need." 

While replacing the seats may not attract new business, Johnson said it will keep current customers coming.

"And maybe some of the people that have been unhappy at an event because of a broken seat will come back to us now," she said.

Work on the project will begin after the West Texas Fair & Rodeo in September. The seats will be installed no later than Dec. 13.


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