85-year-old Abilene grocery-bagger inspiring people of all ages

Pauline still working at H.E.B. at age 85

ABILENE, Texas - Pauline Stewart sacks groceries.

What makes this so remarkable: she's 85 years old.

She works at H-E-B on South 14th Street in Abilene and has since it first opened.

"I started when the store opened 22 years ago and I just thought I'd work two or three years and just kept going," she said.

So aside from asking how she does it, we asked Pauline, why she does it?

"It just became my ministry. Just helping people out, making sure everybody gets help and knows they're cared about... I give them hugs and prayers when they need it," Pauline said.

Pauline says customer service is at the top of her priority list. She knows many of her customers by name and even where they park. It's pretty remarkable when you consider she is legally blind – and almost deaf.

"My eyesight's bad, my hearing is bad, but other than that, I say, 'I can't see and I can't hear, but I can carry out groceries.'"

Her hard work and good attitude don't go unnoticed.

"A lot of people tell me they're inspired and it gives them an uplift to see me working and have me walk with them and encourage them," she said.

So at 85, how much longer does Pauline plan to stay? She says as long as she can get out of bed.

"I'm sure this is where God wants me to be," she said. "I feel like this is where I'm needed. Customer service, to me, is serving the customer and that's what I want to be doing and that's what I'm happy doing."

If you are at H-E-B in the mornings you might catch up with Pauline. She works until noon during the week. This coming September she will celebrate her 22nd year of working there. 

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