95-year-old Abilene woman makes dresses for girls in need in Africa

95-Year Old Abilene Woman Making Dresses for Girls in Zambia Video

ABILENE, Texas - In the last six months, 95-year-old Angelea Carey has made 58 dresses for young girls in Zambia.

It all started when Angelea's son, Scott Carey, told her about a woman in Merkel who was making dresses for Hillcrest Church of Christ to bring to Zambia on a medical mission.

Scott never expected his mother to get so involved.

When Angelea first moved into the University Place retirement center she wasn't threading the needle.

"She was getting bored and kind of going downhill a little bit health wise and we had brought her machine and everything up here, but she just couldn't get interested in using it," said Scott. 

Then Scott told Angelea about the medical mission and the dresses women were making for girls in third world countries.

"They take these dresses and pass them out to the needy girls and stuff when they're over there doing medical work," Scott said.

"I've been making them ever since," said Angelea.

Angelea said she learned to sew when she was a young girl and has made most of her own clothes throughout her life.

"I've never bought a ready-made dress. I didn't need to and I never did see one really that I actually liked," said Angelea

Angelea said sewing takes precision.

"You have to be careful and get it where it's all even," Angelea said. 

And now it takes up all her time.

"I can make one in almost half a day," said Angelea, referring to the dresses hanging behind her.

"Can't get her to go anywhere or do anything. When you call her on the phone or come visit she's always sewing," said Scott.

"I have to stay busy. I can't just do nothing," Angelea said.

Angelea said even after making 58 dresses, she is far from finished.

"I'll keep sewing and making these dresses as long as I can get the fabric," said Angelea.  

The dresses will be passed out in Zambia this summer. Scott said in the past the African girls would fight over the dresses, but this year they may not have to.

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