A petition for Texas to secede is viral

A few Texans looking for the state to secede from the Union

ABILENE, Texas - An online petition for Texas to secede from the United States is viral. Some people are not happy about the recent presidential election and want out.

The petition is causing some controversy, but overall the public is divided.

When we asked one woman if she thought seceding would be a good idea, she said, "Probably not unless they had enough research to show Texas was economically feasible to support itself."

Another man said, "I agree on that."

"I don't think that would be a good thing," said one man. "I'm not fore sure, but I don't think it would be a good thing."

The outrage stems from the recent presidential election. "My guy didn't win, so you're all or never happy," said an irritated woman.

When you think of things Texans love...football, cattle, food, and country music, this state has a rich history. Over 80,000 want to keep it sacred. One thing's for sure the people that signed this petition want you to know...don't mess with Texas!

This outrage of the election is not shared by everyone.  "It is what it is you know. It's not just one," said one citizen. "It's 535 other guys we need to get in line."

For now, there are no plans for Texas to withdraw. Even Governor Rick Perry spoke out again breaking away. Others find it a privilege to be apart of this union. We talked to one woman that simply said, "I like America."

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