A son comes home from the hospital just in time for Mother's Day

Abilene woman's chronically ill son returns home for Mother's Day

ABILENE, Texas - One Abilene mother got the ultimate gift this Mother's Day weekend.

The unexpected homecoming for 27-year-old Ryan Ramirez and his mother Kim Farmer was just in time for Mother's day. Ramirez was released from the hospital Friday. He's been battling an illness that made this reunion uncertain.

"I was born with a congenital chronic renal failure," Ramirez said. "It's a congenital disease and it affects the kidneys and since then I've had numerous operations because of it, probably about 18 operations in all."

Ramirez has spent most of his life in and out of the hospital. For him to be home in time for Mother's day is a gift for him too. 

"For me to be alive today at 27 years old, that means a lot," Ramirez said. "To even be out for Mother's Day for my Mom who's been there by my side pretty much all throughout my life."

Farmer said, "As a mother, I just wish that all his pain could come to me and I could take it and it would be gone, but it doesn't work like that."

Ramirez's illness brings about other issues. The family's finances have also taken a hard hit.

"We could probably purchase Abilene a couple of times with money we've spent in medical bills," Farmer said. "It's unimaginable."

Despite Ramirez's challenges, he said he's keeping his head up and taking his health one day at a time.

"This last time was probably one of the roughest I've been in there because it was the longest," said Ramirez. "I did get pretty sick but I'm still here."

"I thank God everyday I have him," Farmer said. "Life is short so you just take everyday with a grain of salt and just love and love and love because that's what it's all about."

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