Abilene Animal Shelter overcrowding may be related to 4th of July celebrations

ABILENE, Texas - It's a somewhat desperate situation at the Abilene Animal Shelter.

There are too many animals and not enough space.

"We've had a lot of animals that have come into the shelter over the last seven to 10 days. In fact Monday we had 100 animals come into the shelter," said Aaron Vannoy with the Abilene Animal Shelter.

Vannoy said he believes that influx of animals likely has something to do with the Fourth of July celebrations.

"A lot of animals heard the fireworks, and they were out running around. People found them and brought them to the shelter," Vannoy said.

The shelter, as a result, is filled to capacity, leaving the difficult task of making space.

"We try to get folks to come get their animals and adopt out as many as we can, but those that don't we have to make decisions on if we can keep them another day or  if we have to humanely euthanize them," Vannoy said.

There, however, are ways to keep this from happening.

"Make sure your animal has identification with a city license or a micro chip. They need something that identifies them, so they can find their way home again. If you're interested in adoption we have lots of animals from big ones to little ones for people to choose from," Vannoy said.

The Animal Shelter also says if you recently lost a pet, make sure and go to their website to check out the pictures of animals that have recently been brought in. The shelter also encourages people to get their pets spayed and neutered to help control the pet population and the number of strays.

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