Abilene Animal Shelter ready for influx of strays after July 4th fireworks

Pets can be easily spooked by fireworks

ABILENE, Texas - The loud booms and noises created by Fourth of July festivities are something people look forward to every year, but the same can't be said for our furry friends.

We did some checking and found out it can frighten them so badly that they run away and sadly end up at the pound.

"We'll have a lot more strays out there, that they've been so scared they tried to force their way out of fences or they've run out the front door when a family member has opened it," said Aaron Vannoy, head of the Abilene Animal Shelter.

Vannoy said unfortunately this happens every year, but that it doesn't have to. We asked him what you can do to make sure your furry companion isn't unaccounted for after the big Fourth of July events.

"Get your animals identification whether it's on a collar and tag or a microchip," Vannoy said. "Then secondly, make sure you have a safe secure place for that animal, whether it's inside a garage where it has some good ventilation, in a utility room, or maybe a bathroom if it's not a regular indoor animal."

Vannoy also said if you know your pet is anxious or spooks easily you can talk to your vet about a prescribed sedative for that night.

"It's a good conversation to have with your veterinarian," Vannoy said. "It's also a good time to go get their annual vaccinations. There's always the threat of diseases in our community and out in the county around us. There's Parvo. There's distemper. There's feline leukemia.

"Just be prepared because loud noises are gonna happen this weekend. It's just part of our celebration and so we just have to prepare."

If you do lose a pet in all the chaos, don't panic. If it has a tag or a microchip the animal shelter will give you call to pick them up. If not, they'll take a picture of your pet and put it on their website, which you can connect to by CLICKING HERE. They'll keep the pet at the pound at least two days before they put it up for adoption.

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