Abilene business says they're sick of illegal dumping on their property

ABILENE, Texas - Cheyenne Yagar and her sister Tommy Brooks own the Firehouse Bar and Grill on Butternut Street. Less than a year ago they opened another business a few blocks away.

"We bought The Hour Glass Bar in February of this year and spent a lot of money trying to clean it up and clean up the area," said Yagar.

They say they had no idea they would now be dealing with the hundreds of pounds of trash, plywood and insulation dumped on a lot that serves as parking for their bar.

"This man that lives to the south of us, dumped this here. This isn't the first time he's dumped trash on our property," said Yagar.

We went to talk to the man accused of the illegal dumping, Ronnie Gibson. He told us he was paying someone to bring the material to his back yard and instead they dumped it by the fence in the lot.

He says he was contacted by the environmental officers and is now working to get things cleaned up. Something Cheyenne is looking forward to.

"We're just trying to keep this clean it's kind of a scary place at night here anyway and when there's unnecessary stuff that people could be standing behind or sleeping behind and that is a fire hazard, you can see it's rotted wood, insulation, that's a fire hazard for us, we're not that far away."

We tried to speak with the city's environmental officer Friday about this situation but he said because this is an ongoing investigation, he couldn't comment on the case. He did confirm there was more than 1,000 pounds of trash on the lot and if it wasn't cleaned up by the end of the day, it would classify as a felony.

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