Abilene car dealers expanding, may bring buying opportunities

Abilene car market expands

There's a lot of growth and change going on right now in the Abilene car business, and it may mean a better deal for folks in the market for a new ride.

Just last week, Lawrence Hall's new Volkswagen home celebrated its grand opening off of Winter's freeway near Hartford. Volkswagen has been in Abilene for years, but this new location and newly built facility expands the lot.

Also new will be Kia of Abilene's second location set to open in December. It's under construction on Southwest Drive, just across from Kohl's. Kia of Abilene is already in operation at its dealership off of Winter's freeway near South 14th, and the general manager there confirms the new lot means their inventory will almost double.

Just last week, Lithia Toyota had a zoning change request approved at Curry Lane and Sharon Road. The paperwork filed with the City of Abilene shows the land will be used to create an overflow parking lot and "accommodate the increasing inventory demands."

Arrow Ford is renovating its showroom. Construction there is going on now.

Volkswagen general manager Josh Archer says car buyers can definitely use all this expansion to their advantage. He says everyone's motivated to sell, and this is one of two prime times to buy a car.

"We're getting the last of our 2014 models right now, we probably have 40 more '14 models coming and 85 on the ground I'd say...end of the year you know there's going to be these certain cars that have been on the lot for a long time and will absolutely there will be dealers itching to get rid of them," said Archer.

If you are in the market for a car, here are a couple tips from a lender in Abilene. First, he says, call your bank. Find out what kind of rate they'll get you on a car loan to compete with the dealer rates. Secondly, if you know you're going to go with your own bank for the money, don't mention it to the dealer while you're shopping. He says the dealer will be less likely to negotiate on the car if they know there's not going to be an opportunity to make money on the financing.

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