Abilene City Council: Lease with Frontier, Texas! renewed, ACU land rezoned

ABILENE, Texas - The Abilene City Council voted to renew its 10-year lease agreement with Frontier, Texas!

This means the museum will continue to maintain the facility and the city will be responsible for the landscaping.

Frontier, Texas! just celebrated its 10th anniversary.

The tourist attraction has seen 370,000 visitors since it first opened its doors. 

Also Thursday, the council voted to rezone land just north of Abilene Christian University, located at the northwest corner of Ambler Ave. and ACU Drive.

The university wants to use this land to build overflow parking lots for its new athletic facilities.

Members of a nearby neighborhood homeowner's association expressed their concerns at Thursday's council meeting.

They said they're worried about not having a buffer zone between their homes and the school.

They said they're also concerned about potential street closures, as it would impede the way they get in and out of their neighborhood.

ACU has requested to abandon ACU Drive north of Ambler Ave and Margaret St., as well as the adjacent alleys.

Mayor Norm Archibald said this proposal would allow ACU to combine areas currently separated by ACU Drive.

That motion passed, but with with some stipulations.

The council proposed a solid, 7-foot fence with no access would be built to separate the neighborhood from the school property.

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