Abilene City Council member speaks out on e-cigarette verdict

Abilene city councilman "disappointed" in e-cigarette ban decision

ABILENE, Texas - Abilene City Council member Kyle McAlister expressed concern about the possible dangers of e-cigarettes at Thursday's meeting – and he didn't shy away from letting his opinion be known Friday.

McAlister said he remains concerned about resident's health risks because professionals aren't even certain on the dangers of vaping.

The council voted Thursday to ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, but didn't amend the city's smoking ordinance to prohibit its use in Abilene public places.

"Was I disappointed in the outcome? Yes," McAlister said. "I was wanting to lean toward the more cautious side, to say if we ban this now and years from now we determine that it's safe, we can relax it – and apparently I was the only one."

McAlister said even after the meeting, he still stands by his opinion and hopes the city will further regulate the use of e-cigs.

"I don't want years from now to find out that these things are bad and realize that we have unnecessarily exposed people for all these years," McAlister said.

McAlister said for those that thought he had anything against people who choose to vape or smoke, that's not the case.

"When the smoking ordinance went into effect, smoke shops didn't go out of business and people didn't stop smoking," McAlister said. "I didn't feel like the vaping ban going into effect would have caused vaping shops to go out of business nor people to quit vaping."

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