Abilene commission discussing changes to sidewalk ordinance

ABILENE, Texas - A recommendation by the Abilene Planning and Zoning Commission may make changes to the sidewalk ordinance.

Currently all new developers must include a sidewalk on their property unless they are granted a waiver by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

The new recommendation would allow developers in lower priority locations to pay a fee instead of putting in sidewalks.     

The fee would cost 70 percent of the total cost of the sidewalk. It would go into a city sidewalk fund which will then be used to build sidewalks in higher-priority locations.

"So the benefit to the developer is instead of paying the full 100 percent of the cost of a sidewalk you only have to pay 70 percent and you still meet your obligation to provide sidewalks you're just helping to pay for them in a higher priority location," said Jon James, director of Planning and Development Services.

The recommendation would not allow developers in high priority locations to apply for a waiver.

There are still a lot of details to work out including where those high-priority locations are located.

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