Abilene Community Theatre reopens after year hiatus

Abilene Community Theater opens its doors again

ABILENE, Texas - The Abilene Community Theatre is opening their doors again after being closed for a year.

The theater closed its doors in June 2013 due to financial issues. Now, plans are for the theater to have its first show in August.

Bruce Bachmann, the theater's treasurer, said the previous board mishandled funds and didn't put effort into maintenance of the theater.

"Over the last 20 years or so the board has never really had a firm direction, plan or hope or vision for the future for the theater," Bachmann said. "They were content to just operate the theater, and each year they would take the little losses."

Those losses amounted to about $74,000 in just one year, but Bachmann said during the past year, they've had time to generate a plan.

"The new board, while we were really down about the theater closing, it also gave us an opportunity to formulate a plan and a vision and put it all together and show it to the community," Bachmann said.

The first round of renovations will include upgrades to theater bathrooms that weren't ADA compliant and remodeling the lobby and auditorium.

Ultimately, Bachmann said he hopes the community theater will truly serve the community.

Its Steel Magnolias show will run during the weekend of Aug. 21 and continue the weekend of Aug. 28.

Previous season ticket holders can purchase tickets on Aug. 11, while the general public can buy the $15 tickets starting Aug. 18.

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