Abilene Founders Lions Club place American flags in yards for Veterans Day

ABILENE, Texas - More than 100 flags were placed in front yards Monday morning to pay tribute to those who have served in the armed forces.

Members of the Abilene Founders Lions Club have participated in this tradition for almost a decade.

Volunteers place flags in yards on various holidays, including Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day and Veterans Day.

One volunteer said they do this every year because "we're free to do that" and it's an honor to serve veterans and show them they're appreciated.

Most flags are placed in homes on Greenbriar and Brentwood streets, located in Brookhollow.

"We need to honor our veterans and those that are fighting for our lives and our liberty," said volunteer Anette Evatt. "It's just a way we can honor them."

Residents who wish to have a flag placed in their yard pay a fee to the club.

According to club vice president Tim Renfro, that money goes to fund local, state and international charities and causes.

According to Diane Dotson of the Abilene Founders Lions Club, the club has more requests for flags that it can handle, and is limited in the number of locations it can handle.

The club is in need of more new club members who can help with the flag placing.

For more information about the Abilene Founder Lions Club, contact Mary Beth Sharp at 325-695-1406 or click here.

The Abilene Founders Lions Club provides school supplies for Lee Elementary.

They also work to get eyeglasses for children who need them.

They work extensively with the Eye & Tissue Bank, they sponsor a camp in Kerrville for children with disabilities and they also help fund international disaster relief programs.

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