Abilene honors veterans, active duty during downtown parade

ABILENE, Texas - In honor of Veteran's Day on Monday, Abilene's annual parade kicked off on Saturday morning.

Dyess airmen dressed in their uniforms and expressed appreciation for veterans with a speech and a moment of silence.

The parade route began on Pine Street and finished at the Taylor County Courthouse. Spectators say the parade was just one way of thanking the people who serve our country.

Teresa Quintanilla, whose brother served in the Marine Corps, said she loves coming to the parade because she remembers what her brother endured during his service.

"What a wonderful way for us to be able to tell them thank you for what they do.  Some of them even give up their lives for this, so it's a wonderful thank you," said Quintanilla.

Army veteran, Ronny Burns said his only disappointment was that the whole city of Abilene didn't come out to the parade.

"Me personally, I'm like a lot of old men from Wingate that come back from World War I and World War II," Burns said. "They didn't ask for anything from their country, they come back home and they went back to farming and they raised their family and they passed on quietly. Like General Douglas MacArthur said 'old soldiers never die, they just fade away.'"

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