Abilene IHOP shooting victim's mother says she wants justice

Mother of IHOP shooting victim speaks out

ABILENE, Texas - The mother of Abilene IHOP shooting victim Theodore Carrion described how concerned she was when she learned early Sunday morning that her only son had been shot multiple times.

Maurine Carrion said she was home sleeping when her son, who she calls Theo, was hit six times by bullets. Maurine said she woke up to one of Theo's coworkers at her door Sunday morning. He was frantic.

"'You've got to get up. You've got to get dressed. Theo's been shot.' And I said, ‘Shot?' And he said, ‘Yeah, at IHOP. And he's been shot a couple of times and I don't know how many. And I don't think he's doing too good,'" Maurine said, noting she was overcome with "panic, immediate panic."

Once Maurine met with doctors at Hendrick Medical Center, her panic subsided.

"They finished with the CAT scan and God was just there all the time. And they came back and they let us know that there was no immediate danger now because it didn't hit any major organs and he didn't have any internal bleeding they didn't think," Maureen said.

Her son was back at home Tuesday. Theo Carrion said he was able to walk a little bit and doctors released him from the hospital around noon.

Brandon Green, who is accused of shooting Carrion multiple times,  is currently being held at the Tarrant County Jail, but they expect him to be extradited to Taylor County Jail in the next few days. His bond is set at $250,000.

Theo said he had three bullet wounds in his stomach, one in his arm, one in his leg and one in his back. 

After she knew he was going to be alright, Maurine's fear was replaced by anger.

"That's my only child. And I'm angry and then my feelings were hurt because why Theo? Everybody that knows my son knows he's not a troublemaker. He doesn't go looking for problems. And he didn't go looking for this," Maurine said.  

Monday, Abilene police announced the suspected shooter, Brandon Green, was arrested in Arlington. Maurine said she was relieved by the news.

"You just can't go around treating people like this. He could've taken my son's life for nothing. Justice is all I want, just justice for my son," said Maurine.  

Maurine said Theo is home recovering.

"He's doing better. And I thank God because that's all that was there. And he's covered in God's favor. And I don't understand this, I don't understand why, but maybe it's not for us to understand. God has his reasons that my son is still here with me and it's for a purpose," said Maurine.

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