Abilene ISD campuses making security and safety changes

AISD introduces campus security measures for new school year

ABILENE, Texas - School for Abilene ISD students starts August 25 and the district is making some changes to help with safety and security.

Martinez Elementary, a newer campus in the district, has added several safeguards to help better keep students safe. There are outside security cameras, which can be seen on a computer by administration. There is also a remote door control to help monitor those who can entire the school.

"I think each layer of safety and security is what parents can feel like we're addressing the safety and security of our campuses," said Phil Ashby, director of communications.

Many campuses also have perimeter fences in addition to exterior doors locked from the outside. Additionally, all teachers are trained on safety protocols.

"Everything from an intruder on campus, to a fire, any kind of emergency situation," said Ashby. "Our staffs train the teachers and the members of the administration about how to proceed when those happen."

Additionally, there is a new standardized dress for middle schools, which will make it easier to spot those students out of place.

"When administrators and teachers can look toward a hallway or a cafeteria and see that someone is standing out, who is not in the standardized dress, it's going to alert them that we have someone who's not supposed to be on that campus," said Ashby.

Ashby also says parents can help keep an eye out for anything that might seem suspicious.

"One of the main things that we like our parents to remember is just to be alert and looking for things that seem out of place," said Ashby.

The newer safety features to Martinez Elementary will be added to the rest of the campuses as part of the 2013 $87 million bond for Abilene ISD. The campus safety and security upgrades are a $11.498 million project.

The district plans to add interior and exterior cameras to all campuses, beginning with the elementary schools. They plan on making upgrades to the fences surrounding campuses. Additionally, certain doors will be replaced and have swipe card access for teachers only. There will either be secured main entrances or remote door control, when the building allows it.

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