Abilene ISD holding meetings to show examples of new standardized dress code

AISD dress code explained

ABILENE, Texas - School's almost out for summer, but many are already thinking about the next school year with some new rules.

The Abilene ISD board unanimously passed a standardized dress code for middle school students in November. Now the district is holding informational meetings to remind parents and student of the upcoming changes.

"Standardized tops are polo style with collar in solid colors with no logo and bottoms are basically khaki style in khaki, navy blue or black," AISD spokesman Phil Ashby told KTXS. "Students can choose from pants, shorts or skirts that are in that kind of style and belts are required if your garments have loops. Sandals with backs will be allowed but no flip flops.

"These meetings are just a time to show parents here's what it looks like on our students, here are the different styles and what you will see at the stores this summer when you're getting your back to school clothing."

The meetings are also a chance for parents to ask questions about the new policy.

"There are some parents who are concerned. Overwhelmingly, though, what I'm hearing are the positives," Craig Middle School Principal Dan Dukes said. "I've heard a lot from parents that are very excited about it because they're not going to go through a battle with their child in the morning about what to wear to school to try and impress other students.

"Every body's going be in the same thing and you're going to know exactly what to wear in the mornings."

As for families who are struggling financially, AISD officials say they been working with community organizations to have the necessary clothing items available at good cost.

What about students who violate the dress code? School administrators say it will work just like it does now. They will either call a parent to bring the child-approved clothing or the school will have items on hand the students can borrow so they can get back to class.

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