Abilene ISD, other districts prepare for annual state tests

Test measures success of students, teachers, and school administrators

Students, teachers prepare for upcoming STAAR test

State testing for students in Abilene and other school districts is set to begin Monday and conclude on Thursday, May 8.

The STAAR testing measures the success of teachers, students and school administrators for the entire year.

Abilene ISD school leaders say they prepare for the test year round.

"We give several assessments during the school year to help students prepare and to help us understand how to help the students," said Tina Wyatt, principal of Bonham Elementary. "That might range from teacher observation to classroom assignments to more formal six weeks exams."

The STAAR test is now in its third year and poses more of a challenge to students than the previous TAAS and TAAKS test. The test is not only important to the students, but also to see what improvements need to be made in teaching methods.

"The passing standard is raised, and so that means our kids have to do better for them to be successful which ultimately makes us successful," said Gail Gregg, Abilene ISD's executive director of secondary education.

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