Abilene ISD principals entertain uniforms for middle school students

Could uniforms come to Abilene ISD?

ABILENE, Texas - Uniforms could be in the future for some Abilene middle schools.

All four Abilene ISD middle school principals proposed the idea at a meeting Monday.

After seeing it work in other Texas schools, they decided to bring the idea to Abilene.

"We thought hey why don't we start the conversation in Abilene and see what the community thinks about it? The students at these San Antonio middle schools seemed to have such a sense of pride wearing their uniforms."

Students we spoke to were on both sides of the fence.

"It would be easier to get ready in the morning," said one Craig student.

"I wouldn't like uniforms," said another. "I kinda just want to be myself and not have to look how everyone else does."

"As long as they didn't look bad i would wear it," joked one student.

Parents are split too.

"All the schools in San Antonio have uniforms, and it works there," said one San Antonio native.

"I'm not really in favor of schools uniforms," said a parent.

Some want them for more selfish reasons.

"I love it. I have four daughters. Maybe if they weren't sharing clothes things would go a little smoother in the morning," said Craig coach and parent Britt Bonneau.

Craig Middle School Principal Dr. Daniel Dukes said there are a number of reasons uniforms could be good for schools, safety being the number one concern.

"When I look down the hallway perhaps if students were in uniform I would know exactly if there was someone who was out of place," said Dukes.

He thinks middle school is the right time to start.

"It's such a time of transition for students and it's really the first time when students really become aware of socioeconomic issues," said Dukes.

He wants to be clear that there are no formal plans to move to uniforms.

"I think there are a lot of benefits that could come from this but I want to hear what the struggles would be for families as well," said Dukes.

Right now, administrators are in the research phase. It will then go to a community discussion. If the majority is not on board, Dukes said they will most likely not recommend the uniforms. Either way, uniforms would not hit the hallways until 2014 at the earliest.

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