Abilene ISD trying to cut costs for parents on school supplies list

AISD School supplies help

ABILENE, Texas - Have you gone shopping for back to school supplies?  

The costs can add up quickly. The sticker shock might not be as bad this year, thanks to a new initiative from the Abilene Independent School District.

"It's really was becoming a financial burden and still is a financial burden on some of our parents, especially those that have two, three, or four kids," said Phil Ashby, communications director for Abilene ISD.

In an effort to help cut costs, the district has taken some things off the list this year. They include dry erase markers, facial tissues, disinfectant wipes, flash drives and hand sanitizer.


"We're going to provide that. We're making efforts as a district to try to alleviate that and try to just help families out by providing some of the supplies that are for general use of the classroom and not individual use," Ashby said.

The district accomplished that by going through each school supply list for every grade on every campus – and there is already money carved out in this year's budget to cover the supplies, pending approval.

"There has been an effort. We're still not where we want to be, but we've made some progress, and they'll see the list isn't quite as long this year. We're going to continue to look for ways to help students," Ashby said.

You can find a detailed list of school supplies broken down by grade for your child clicking HERE.

If you are having trouble affording the required school supplies for your child, you can call and talk to your school principal for help.

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