Abilene man, 20, arrested after allegedly committing two robberies in same day

ABILENE, Texas - A 20-year-old Abilene man was arrested Monday for allegedly committing two robberies on the same day.

Steven Alfonzo Deleon remains in Taylor County Jail in lieu of $400,000 bond.

Police said Deleon robbed a 71-year-old man in a parking lot and then stole a purse from a woman.

Here's the complete Abilene Police Department news release:

On Monday night, June 10, 2013 officers with the Patrol Division arrested Steven A. Deleon (DOB: 04/08/93) for two robbery offenses. The nature of these two separate incidents and the findings leading up to the arrest are described below:

On the early evening of June 10, 2013 Patrol Division Officer Mary Guitar responded to a theft call that had occurred in a parking lot in the 5100 block of S. 7th Street. Some suspect vehicle description and its direction of travel were provided and relayed to Patrol Division. Officer Guitar later arrived to learn that the incident described was actually a robbery that involved an elderly victim, age 71. Officer Guitar was able to ascertain further details about a male suspect which was relayed to Patrol Division. The preliminary investigation revealed that the victim had been distracted by the male suspect who grabbed a wallet from inside the victim's car. The victim, and her disabled husband, attempted to stop the suspect but the suspect pushed the victim against the vehicle and then fled with the wallet and all of its contents. The victim was not injured but sustained pain during the altercation.

A little over two hours later, officers with the Patrol Division responded to a theft in-progress call at a business in the 1600 block of Highway 351. A concerned citizen had notified Abilene Police that a male suspect had just stolen a purse from a female victim. Another concerned party, a male victim, became directly involved and recovered the purse during a physical altercation with the suspect. This concerned party attempted to detain the suspect until police arrival but the confrontation escalated when the suspect produced a knife and attempted to slash the victim. As officers were receiving more information about the call, the suspect fled on foot. The suspect's direction of travel and description were relayed to responding officers. Officers Scott Kuczkowski and Cody Brown spotted the male suspect on a balcony at a hotel across the street from where the male victim confronted the suspect. These officers ran towards the suspect and the suspect began running away. Though officers gave the suspect commands to stop, the suspect continued running. The officers converged towards the suspect and were able to make the arrest. During the foot-chase, Officer Kuczkowski observed the suspect throw an item. That item was located and confirmed to be the knife the suspect wielded minutes earlier. The suspect was identified as Mr. Deleon. This investigation revealed that the female victim was in a check-out lane when her purse was snatched. The male victim interceded by following and then recovering the purse during an altercation. Other uninvolved witnesses came forward and identified Mr. Deleon as the suspect involved in this incident. No injuries were reported. The purse and its contents were recovered.

Mr. Deleon was taken to the Law Enforcement Center (LEC) for questioning. The elderly victim from the first robbery positively identified Mr. Deleon as the suspect involved in the initial robbery. Mr. Deleon was arrested for Robbery (case # 13-11148) and for Aggravated Robbery (case # 13-11155). He was taken to Taylor County Jail where he remains in lieu of $400,000 bond.

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