Abilene man, 25, arrested for family violence, kicked officer in groin

ABILENE, Texas - A 25-year-old Abilene man kicked an officer in the groin Monday after officers responded to a disturbance at his home between the man and his father.

According to the arrest report, Wesley Wilber Caskey was arrested for misdemeanor assault family violence and third-degree felony assault on a public servant.

The report said Caskey pushed his father while he was sitting in a chair. The father hit his elbow on the wall, leaving an abrasion and a red mark. The father told police it was painful while he gave his statement.

When the officer attempted to place Caskey in the car after arresting him, Caskey resisted and the officer asked for assistance from another officer. The officer pushed Caskey into the car and stated that Caskey "intentionally kicked me in the testicles which caused me pain."

According to the report, the arresting officer wishes to press charges. Caskey is being held at the Taylor County Jail with an additional previous charge from January on bonds totaling $19,500.

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