Abilene man arrested in connection to stolen car containing pipe bomb warns about dangers of meth

Jail inmate warns of the danger of drug use

ABILENE, Texas - Kyle Hayward wants others to learn from his mistakes. He was arrested Wednesday after police said he was associated with a stolen car that contained a pipe bomb in the glove box.

He told KTXS the very first time he experimented with methamphetamine was at age 12. He is now 24 and said things escalated quickly about a month and a half ago when he began injecting it instead of smoking it.

"When you start shooting up, that's when just any resemblance of self-control or reality is just gone," Hayward said in a jailhouse interview. "It's a real-life monster if there ever was one."

Hayward said he was on the drug Wednesday when he was arrested at Las Brisas. He said he was trying to keep a low profile.

"I walked outside and I saw one police officer running around the corner of the building and I said ‘uh-oh' and I looked around and there was another one – gun drawn and I said ‘oh - it's me!"

Police said Hayward and a 16-year-old juvenile tried to run and Hayward allegedly pepper sprayed an officer.

"I don't know what in the world possessed me to freaking try to escape or evade – knowing that [it} wouldn't be possible," Hayward said.

Hayward admitted the car was stolen but said he had nothing to do with the pipe bomb.

"I didn't even give it the consideration to actually consider it real," Hayward said.

Hayward said meth lead to the Wednesday incident. He said he wants to apologize to his parents and police. He told KTXS he was put on suicide watch at the jail because he became so distraught and tried to kill himself en route to the jail.

Hayward's son is only 7-months-old. He said he wants to be an example for others to stay away from drugs.

"I know how impossible it is, but you've got to just put it down, you've got to put it down and walk away before it takes everything you ever thought about having," Hayward said.

Hayward has several charges against him. He's in the Taylor County Jail with total bail set just more than $124,000. He potentially faces a lengthy prison term.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, meth has the potential to affect a person's body in a way that could make them more susceptible to contracting HIV. It can also prevent a person from taking prescriptions for HIV. Meth is also capable of affecting a person's ability or desire to be safe and cause mental confusion.

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