Abilene man indicted on three counts of aggravated robbery

ABILENE, Texas - A 37-year-old Abilene man was indicted Thursday by a Taylor County grand jury on three counts of aggravated robbery.

According to court records, Rory Linn Hunt allegedly robbed three different gas station clerks at three different locations with a knife on April 18, May 14, and May 16. In each instance, authorities say Hunt came into the gas station demanding the clerk open the cash register and give him the money. Allegedly, during the incident May 16, Hunt was able to take $250 out of the cash register.

Official documents state that photos and video evidence were used to identify Hunt. Police say he gave a voluntary confession describing exactly how it happened, additionally admitting that he had robbed another convenience store on a different date.

According to court documents, Hunt "committed theft with intent and exhibited a deadly weapon meant to cause injury." Hunt was charged with three counts of first degree felony aggravated robbery and a second count of robbery. Hunt had a previous robbery conviction from December 2007.

Hunt is being held at the Taylor County Jail on previous charges with bonds totaling $125,500.

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