Abilene Medical Care Mission helps the uninsured

Presbytarian Medical Care Mission helps thousands in Abilene

ABILENE, Texas - Jennifer Quintiliani said her life was spinning out of control after a series of medical illnesses left her unemployed and uninsured.

"You don't expect these things to happen and I did lose everything. I lost my apartment. I had to sell my dining room table to get an inhaler," said Quintiliani.

When her unemployment benefits ran out and she said she couldn't even afford toothpaste.

"You take care of yourself and then it seems to just get worse and worse and it's not like the doors keep slamming in your face, but they do,"  Quintiliani said.

Then, Quintiliani heard about the Presbyterian Medical Care Mission from a counselor at Workforce Solutions. The Medical Care Mission treats medical problems ranging all the way from substance abuse to cancer prevention.

"We really try to stay focused on those folks that have fallen through the gaps in the traditional health care delivery system," said Scott Golding, executive director of the Medical Care Mission.

The Medical Care Mission treats more than 17,000 patients a year. It started out of a station wagon almost 30 years ago. Today, they are in the top 10 percent of charity clinics in the nation.

The Medical Care Mission said they stay in business because of donations and volunteers and they treat patients who qualify at 200 percent of the poverty level and below. They helped Quintiliani afford her medications, find a job and get her life back.

"I felt like I was normal again. I mean you start talking normally and have conversations and it was nice," said Quintiliani.

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