Abilene Metropolitan Planning Organization: Keep five arterial roads two-way

ABILENE, TX - The Abilene Metropolitan Planning Organization has proposed keeping five frontage roads two rather than one way.

The MPO singled out five intersections and said they should be excluded from the TxDOT one-way frontage road conversion project.     

The areas affected are:

*- East side of Buffalo Gap Road from Robertson to Arrowhead streets;

*- Along East South 11th Street from Judge Ely Boulevard to Loop 322;

*- Along South First Street west of Winters Freeway;

*- Along Arnold Boulevard between South First and South Seventh streets, and

*- East side of Arnold Boulevard between Military Drive and Hartford Street (the Dyess Air Force Base main entrance).

Both frontage and arterial roads are considered access streets in different ways. Frontage roads have ramps going to the freeway and arterial roads connect drivers to private property.

MPO member Joe Spano said the arterial roads don't completely fit the frontage criteria.

"When we typically think of service roads we're thinking of the ones along the Winters Freeway, 322, 83/84, Clack and Danville," said Spano. "You have two-way traffic and you also have people exiting and entering the freeway."

Spano also said, "There's a stretch on South First Street that runs in front of the old Sam's Club that's basically considered an old service road. We're not going to make that one way it really doesn't act that way. It acts as an access road to the businesses along there."

Spano said he's pretty sure the arterial roads will not change.

"Most likely they won't because our recommendation is that they're not made one ways," said Spano.

The MPO also discussed access to Iberis road from U.S. 83/84 South. An informational meeting concerning this project will happen on 6 p.m. Feb. 26.

A public hearing to concerning all frontage road projects will be at 6 p.m. March 5 in the Abilene Zoo educational building.

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