Abilene neighborhood angry after torn-up sidewalks weren't replaced

ABILENE, Texas - David Swart said Atmos Energy sent out a contractor with Arizona Pipeline to work on his mother's gas lines in November, but after they tore up her sidewalk for the repairs he never heard from them again.

"They were digging up these two sections to replace the piping with the new polypipe," Swart said.

"I said who's going to replace these sidewalks and they said someone comes after us. Well that's been months and months now and no action," he added. 

Swart said he tried to contact Atmos Energy twice about fixing the sidewalkon the 200 block of Graham St. in Abilene, but never received a response. However, KTXS was able to get an answer for him Wednesday.

KTXS caught up with a contractor for Arizona Pipeline and asked about the damage.

"Got swept under the rug for some reason I guess, I don't know," the contractor said. 

KTXS asked why the sidewalks in the neighborhood look this way almost six months after they were worked on. The contractor said he didn't know why it took them so long, but assured us "it's not something we're not going to fix."

A media representative with Atmos Energy said Arizona Pipeline talked with Swart and his neighbor Wednesday afternoon.  He said they will fix the damaged sidewalks by the end of next week.

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