Abilene neighborhood raises money to 'Get Kelvin Home'

ABILENE, Texas - A fundraiser was held Saturday evening to help pay medical bills for a severely ill and disabled man.

"Get Kelvin Home" was the neighborhood event held for Kelvin Marshall, 33, at Nelson-Wilson Park in Abilene. 

Pamela Chambers, Kelvin's mother, claims her son's health was mismanaged at a developmental disability facility in Abilene. Chambers said her son has suffered from bowel obstruction, aspiration pneumonia, is on a breathing ventilator  and needs kidney dialysis. He's also been on a feeding tube most of his life. 

Currently, Kelvin is receiving treatment at Hendrick Medical Center. Chambers said Kelvin remains in the ICU but he is starting to recover.

Saturday's event raffled donated items to raise money. They also served food and had a deejay.

"Kelvin needs a van because he can't ride in a regular automobile like you and I," Pamela Chambers said. "He needs a van with a life that can transport him back and forth to the places he needs to go."

Kelvin's mother hopes to raise enough money for the van to bring him to Jackson, Tenn.

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