Abilene officials say city, schools ready if crippling weather hits

Officials in Atlanta have been criticized since storm slowed that city to halt

How Abilene preps for winter storms

ABILENE, Texas - What would Abilene do if a storm like the one that crippled Atlanta this week hit our region?

Georgia is still recovering from that crippling winter storm that left people stuck in their vehicles on the freeway for hours and children trapped in school buses.

According to Jim Bryan, Abilene's emergency management coordinator, our region is constantly being monitored to be prepared for inclement weather, and with the right preparations, things should go smoothly.

"We get together as a region and a state and assess that weather and whether we're under a threat or not," Bryan said.

"We go ahead and coordinate with our Public Works Department," Bryan said, "and usually they know already and they have a 24-hour operation and they get the trucks ready and they put people in 24-hour operations and shifts."

If for some reason, the city becomes strapped for manpower or equipment, the state would be ready to step in.

Phil Ashby, Abilene ISD's director of communications, said the district prepares for bad weather early to make sure safety is never compromised.

"We have a team to go out and go throughout the district and see if all areas are safe for travel – and we try to make that decision and let the public know by 6 a.m.," Ashby said.

"The decision to send kids home early is one that we won't make if we feel like there's not someone at the home to be there."

One other recommendation is clicking on this link and signing up for the city's Code Red warning system to get emergency notifications and severe weather advisories straight to your phone.  

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