Abilene Planning and Zoning Commission to vote on sign ordinance proposal

Abilene zoning debate over signs continues

ABILENE, Texas - The fight over whether or not to place restrictions on some business signs in Abilene continues. Monday, the Planning and Zoning Commission will vote on whether or not to accept a proposal by a citizens committee.

When the city was reviewing ordinances, some more than 40 years old, including the sign ordinance, a citizens committee was appointed, but business owners felt they weren't well represented by the citizens committee.

The Planning and Zoning Commission tabled it and asked the city to appoint another citizens committee. The mayor met with other city leaders -- and they decided the Planning and Zoning Committee should move forward with the citizens committee's proposal.

After the Planning and Zoning Commission votes on the proposal, their vote, along with all the other information about the sign ordinance thus far, will be sent to the city council and they will vote on it, if it passes.

In February, the Planning and Zoning Commission came up with a proposal to place restrictions on free standing signs, building signs and streamers and banners a few years ago.

"They want to first make sure that we're protecting our residents from where the signs are and then the aesthetics of anything is important," Abilene City Councilman Robert Briley said.

Business owners in Abilene weren't happy with what the Planning and Zoning Commission brought forward.

One business owner said, "if they aesthetically look nice leave them alone if they look terrible they need to come down."

Briley said business owners were worried because "they didn't want government being more involved in their business and me as a business man, myself, I can understand that, but not all ordinances are bad."

"It's just important that we have some regulation but not over regulation," Briley said.

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