Abilene police release updated crime statistics, violent crime up

ABILENE, Texas - The Abilene Police Department released the most recent 2012 crime statistics Tuesday.

Violent crime increased by about 7-percent,  year-to-date. Police Chief Stan Standridge said the increase is mostly due to an increase in aggravated assaults.

Property crime decreased 2-percent, year-to-date.

Standridge said many Abilene crimes are preventable. 70 percent of more than 700 burglarized vehicles were left unlocked.

"We are all gonna have to work together to reduce these statistics that are posted on this wall," Standridge said. "We have too much crime in Abilene. We're gonna have to work together and collaborate if we're serious about reducing crime."

Abilene police are also working to lower the number of traffic collisions this year. The most common problem they said they have seen is drivers failing to yield to the right-of-way.

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