Abilene police tour neighborhoods, talk to community about crime

Abilene police meet with residents during National Night Out

ABILENE, Texas - The Abilene Police Department invited residents to join an organized effort to spread information about crime in their local areas as part of National Night Out Tuesday.

"Step out of your home and into the neighborhood," said Abilene Police Chief Stan Standridge. "Walk alongside and get to know your neighbors and your police department."

Standridge told residents there is a lot of work to do -- from 2012-2014, Abilene has seen a 20 percent increase in crime.

Yet Tuesday's event was more than just numbers and statistics.

"[The event] does help fight the crime because you get to see each other and your neighbors are no longer just a name," said a man attending the event. "You can put a face to the name so you're going to look out for them in some sort of way."

Adam Lubbers lives just across the street from Woodson Center for Excellence, one of the city's twelve meeting places for National Night Out.

"It's just necessary ... you can't really have a police force without a relationship," Lubbers said. "Those relationships help form a community."

Officer Kerry Adkins said Abilene police make a big effort to be visible and let the public know they are working hard to keep them safe.

"We get to come out, we get to meet families," said Adkins. "We get to connect with the organizations that are over here showing that were one large group in an effort to combine and show safety for the community."

Police set up food, games and activities at 12 locations across Abilene to get people out and talking to officers to learn about crime trends in their neighborhoods and what they can do to help.

Abilene police partnered with Connecting Caring Communities and New Life Alliance for the events. This is the 32nd year Abilene has participated in National Night Out.

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