Abilene Police warn students of making threats or false information through social media

APD warns against threats or false information on social media

ABILENE, Texas - Abilene Police Chief Stan Standridge said recent rumors threatening school violence on Abilene and Wylie campuses Friday spread like wildfire thanks, in part, to social media websites.

"Many persons, students and even adults, feel like there is a certain amount of anonymity associated with social media. So very often they will post things that they may not say directly in person. That cannot be further from the truth. The things that you post on social media you can be held criminally responsible for," Standridge said.

Students have mixed opinions about the influence of social media.

"When I see a rumor I really don't ‘like' it or comment on it. I just look at it and keep my opinion to myself," Abilene High School student Sebryn Morris said. 

"You don't even have to have social media for rumors to go around," said Christina Tackett, who also attends Abilene High School.

"Usually, when people hear stuff, they tweet about it. Just because Twitter's where you find out everything," Wylie High School junior Kentrell Key said.

Abilene ISD said their students cannot access social media sites on their campus internet.

Standridge said anyone who posts information they know is false or threatening on social media sites can be arrested. Friday, there will be a uniformed officer on every campus of Abilene and Wylie school districts because of the threats.

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