Abilene ponders return of tornado sirens

City of Abilene could have tornado sirens again

ABILENE, Texas - The last time the city of Abilene uses tornado sirens was in the 1990s.

Now, the city's Emergency Management Office is looking for money to reinstall the outdoor warning system. One way to pay for the project would be to include it in a bond package set to go to voters in May 2015.

Emergency Management Coordinator Jim Bryan explained how these sirens will work with the current emergency alert system – Code Red.

"It is not meant to replace Code Red," Bryan said. "It is meant to work with our Code Red system together. We can really harden the city for good responses on tornado warnings."

The old sirens were taken down in the 90s because officials felt they were too expensive and unreliable, but Bryan said technology has changed that.

"It is just amazing, because of the technology and what they have done with outdoor warning systems and how they operate -- it has decreased the price," Bryan said.

Abilene resident Kim Newton likes the idea of tornado sirens.

"I just think a lot of times tornadoes hit in the evenings," Newton said, "and most people are not watching the news, or paying attention, so I think it may be a good idea."

Bryan plans to pitch the idea to a special city council-appointed bond advisory panel Wednesday afternoon. The panel ultimately will recommend what projects should be included in a bond package tentatively set to go to voters in May 2015.

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