Abilene proposes new location for recycling center

City of Abilene considers moving recycling center

ABILENE, Texas - The city of Abilene's Public Works Department has proposed moving the current recycling center on Oak Street to a new location.

If the proposal is passed, the site would be located on Sandy Street near East Highway 80. The city already owns this land, but it is currently undeveloped.

Jim Winward, operations manage for the center, said the current site doesn't have enough room to accommodate the current demands.

"There are times during peak usage to where it would be nice to have more space available for traffic and parking and operation of our larger vehicles," Winward said."

The city is planning on making improvements to the new site, including fencing, lighting utilities and a connection to the water supply.

This process, however,  could take a few years and is still in the planning stages.

"In the end, it would provide us more space to operate and be able to give us a little more flexibility with what we can offer our customers," Winward said.

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