Abilene Regional Medical Center makes energy savings upgrade

ABILENE, Texas - Abilene Regional Medical Center details its energy savings upgrade in this statement:

"Abilene Regional Medical Center joined the ranks of U.S. health care facilities that have taken measures to reduce their energy consumption, ultimately lowering health care costs without sacrificing the quality of patient care.

As a result of updating its HVAC system and retrofitting over 1,000 lighting fixtures, Abilene Regional Medical Center will save $85,032 in energy costs each year.

The HVAC component of the project, which involved equipping air-handling units with variable-frequency drives and installing two energy-efficient chillers, will reduce Abilene Regional Medical Center's annual energy consumption by 633,339 kilowatt-hours. The HVAC upgrades also earned the hospital an incentive of $36,160 from AEP Texas' Commercial Solutions Program, which helps Texas businesses address rising energy costs through energy efficiency. The installation of the high-efficiency equipment was the result of collaboration between the Abilene Regional Medical Center's plant operations staff and AEP Texas. The work was completed by West Techs.

"Health care facilities are some of the most energy-intensive in the country, so hospitals and health care organizations have a real opportunity to save money through energy efficiency," said AEP EE/DM Coordinator Gary Throckmorton. "Our program offsets the initial cost of energy-saving upgrades to help organizations take advantage of this opportunity."

Abilene Regional Medical Center also installed over 1,000 energy-efficient T8 lighting fixtures throughout its facility, further reducing its annual energy consumption by 542,773 kilowatt-hours. Together, the HVAC and lighting upgrades will reduce Abilene Regional Medical Center's annual energy consumption by 1,176,112 kilowatt-hours – or $85,032 – which is equivalent to the annual greenhouse gas emissions from 171 passenger vehicles, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

"We're proud to be among the health care facilities that are taking a proactive approach to managing energy costs," said Abilene Regional Medical Center CEO, Mike Murphy. "It's our hope that other hospitals and health care facilities will follow suit so that we can move toward greater sustainability."

A check presentation will be presented to Abilene Regional Medical, Tuesday, July 29 at 3 pm in the Women's Center.

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