Abilene residents torn on Affordable Care Act, deadline approaching

Last sign-up day for the Affordable Care Act

ABILENE, Texas - March 31 is the deadline to sign up for the Affordable Care Act for coverage this year, and if you haven't started the sign-up process before midnight, you'll have to pay a fee.

Several Abilene residents told KTXS they had their own health insurance through a job or family member, but others said it's just not an affordable option for them.

"I've been to the Obama website, but I don't make enough money for even the smallest coverage amount. I don't even make enough," Lorie Wise said. "I mean it's just not going to be affordable for me."

Sheryl West, another resident, said, "When I went on to check for Obamacare it was like 300 and 60 some dollars a month. That's something that I cannot afford."

West said even after suffering from a life-threatening health issue, she's not willing to sign up on healthcare.gov because it's against her political beliefs.

"I just recently had a heart attack and the medical bills from that are quite extensive so I wish I had insurance sooner, but no I just don't," West said.

David Weeks said he's also opting for the penalty, which varies depending on your household income. He said he thinks having personal insurance should be an option, not something the government forces.

"The whole concept, I just think, it shouldn't be forced on people who don't want it," Weeks said.

If you don't sign up, you'll face a penalty of 1 percent of your yearly household income or $95 per person for the year, whichever is higher.

To choose from different coverage options and find the package that's right for you, visit this website.

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