Abilene students enjoy their last days of summer vacation

ABILENE, Texas - Summer is officially coming to a close for Abilene students. High schoolers will be back in classrooms Monday. One group of students said they will miss the time they have had together.

"I think of them as my family, 100 percent my family," said Cooper High School Senior Fellicia Fife about her friends.

This isn't just their last few days of this summer, but it might be their last summer as a group.

"I'm not nervous about my classes or anything; I'll be fine with that. I'm nervous about graduating and what happens afterward," Fife said.

Some of the teens are heading to college next year and Premiere High School Senior Keegan Carver is off to basic training for the Air Force.

"I'm going for a job, it's a special forces job, pararescue and it's training jumps all over the state so I'll go to Georgia, Florida, Washington, New Mexico, all over," said Carver. 

"He had to pick the most dangerous job possible, so I'm really anxious. I would really like to enjoy the summer and the school year I have left with him especially since I know he's going to be leaving," Fife said.

Projected enrollment for Abilene Independent School District high schools is 4,261 students. 940 of them are seniors

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