Abilene Veterans celebrate VJ Day: Victory over Japan

VFW memorial

ABILENE, Texas - Local veterans celebrated a major American milestone Sunday.

The Abilene Veteran Foreign Wars division celebrated the "Victory over Japan" or "VJ Day." September 2 is the anniversary of the signing of the treaty that ended World War II or VJ Day. August 14, 1945 is the actual day that Japan surrendered to its allies. August 15 is usually known as the memorial day for the end of the war.

The Abilene VFW 6873 supports its active military members and their families.

"If not for our veterans that fought in this war where would we be today," VFW 6873 Post Commander Ralph Rodriguez said.

"Feels good," Rodriguez said. "Feels good inside to know that I'm apart of this history. It makes me sad because I can remember."

That's what veterans and their families were doing on Sunday: Remembering those who fought and died for American's freedom. They also put on these memorials for the youth to understand their history.

"Part of our history has been forgotten," Rodriguez said.

"Today's generation will look at all of the events that led up to all the different wars including this one, World War II that was ended," VFW Ladies Auxiliary President said. "They'll see how the next one is going to begin and end."

This, on the heels of one war ending. President Obama recently announced that another war in Syria may begin, after the US confirmed that the Syrian officials used chemical weapons on their people.

Rodriguez said it was worth it to fight and in his experience, he has no regrets.

"I would do it again if I had to," Rodriguez said.

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