Abilene 'Well-Armed Woman Shooting Club' helps woman address fears

ABILENE, Texas - Carmen Walker once feared being near guns.

On Sunday, Walker took part in classes and basic skills training offered in Abilene by the Well-Armed Woman Shooting Club.

"I never really liked guns," Walker said. "I knew so many people with them. I had seen so many people get shot and you know I work in the medical field and I see what guns can do."

Walker's fear of guns even interfered with her need to protect herself.

"I walked into the store into the Heart of Texas and I was hyperventilating just trying to get through the front door –  and I got there, I took a few steps and left," Walker said.

Just two weeks ago, though, she finally got the courage to buy her own firearm. She said Sunday's class helped her gain the confidence.

Cat Colson, owner of Heart of Texas Guns in Abilene, said the shooting club is designed to help women defend themselves and their families.

"Our main focus is defending shooting to keep women safe and get them ready to carry, concealed carry," Colson said.

The Well-Armed Woman Shooting Club meets for basic shooting and defensive shooting classes once a month.

If you are interested in joining the Abilene chapter, click on this link for more information.

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