Abilene woman arrested for allegedly using a bug spray can as a flamethrower

ABILENE, Texas -

An Abilene woman was arrested Thursday for allegedly trying to light people on fire with a bug spray can.

According to an arrest report, 24-year-old Judy Gary was in an altercation with a group of people in the 5400 block of Taos Drive around 7:05 p.m. Thursday. 

She allegedly used an Off! bug spray can as a flamethrower to try and light them on fire. Police said she also allegedly struck one victim in the head with a broken pool stick.

Officers said she fled the scene and they arrested her in the 5300 block of Pueblo Drive.

Gary is charged with second degree felony aggravated assault along with her theft and possession of marijuana warrants. As of Saturday, she is in the Taylor County Jail on bond totaling $51,500.

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